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Week 1 Questions

1. The Portland Pirates played their first regular season game in franchise history on October 8, 1993 against which team?

a. Cape Breton

b. Springfield

c. Adirondack

d. Providence


2. Who was the first president of the American Hockey League?

a. Jack Butterfield

b. Jack Adams

c. Maurice Podoloff


3. Who is the only player in the 1980s to win the league regular seaon MVP trophy twice?

a. Patrick Roy

b. Glen Merkosky

c. Archie Henderson

d. Paul Gardner


4. What was the nickname of the orginal AHL franchise in Moncton, NB?

a. Moncton Golden Flames

b. Moncton Alpines

c. Moncton Hawks

d. Moncton Jets

5. Which franchise has been active in the league the longest?

a. Adirondack

b. Rochester

c. Springfield

d. Hershey