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Team mascot has Lockon new name: Louie

Sunday, August 16, 1998


LOWELL Louie Marchand now has the distinction of having a large purple monster named after him.

When 12-year-old Marie Marchand of Belvidere got an application to name the Lock Monsters soon-to-be-famous mascot, she instantly thought her fathers first name made for nice alliteration. Or, as she put it: Louie the Lock Monster sounded good.

About a week ago, the elder Marchand found out he now shares a moniker with the monster.

I thought she was joking, he said.

All told, seven area youths submitted the same name for the Lock Monster, and received jerseys, pins and hats for their efforts at a to-do for the team yesterday at the Paul E. Tsongas Arena.

Season ticket holders were allowed to scout the stands to pick their seats, games were set up on the Arena floor, coach Frank Anzalone was meeting the fans, and the little girl who named the team was also honored.

For a shy little 5-year-old, Jenna Thivierge has reaped some huge benefits for her family. The Dracut girl named the team, winning her family season tickets, a hotel stay and limo ride for the opening night, and trip to the all-star game. Brian and Doreen Thivierge said their daughter came up with the name by combining the Lock Ness Monster and Lower Locks.

She does a lot of thinking for a little girl, her father said. Shes doing well by us.

Brian Thivierge said the tickets wont go wasted: A former hockey player for the University of Lowell, hes a big fan of the game.

The Thivierge family and the families of the children who named Louie were photographed with the monster, while the rock standard Louie, Louie by the Kingsmen played over the loudspeaker.

Meanwhile, up in the stands, season ticket holders perused the seats, finding the perfect ones. Bernice Rowe, director of ticket operations for the team, said she got the idea from sports teams in Anaheim, Fla.

It sets the tone for the way the Lock Monsters do everything, Rowe said. We like to do everything first-class. We want to entertain our fans.

About 1,500 people were expected to cycle through the building, she said.

Kathy DaSilva of Lowell was trying out a set of seats in Section B with her granddaughter, Brittanie Saab. They were high enough to watch plays developing, close enough to the ice to feel the action, and at the end of the ice that the Lock Monsters will be shooting on most often.

Im looking to be closest to the goal theyre going to score on Im hoping for a lot of offense this year, she said. This is my first time in here, its nice, very nice there really isnt a bad seat.

Nearby, Rob Guilbeault, 20, and his brother, Tyler, 6, of Pelham, N.H., were picking out seats that their father had already sprung for. The two decided on four corner seats after trying a few different locales.

I like corner spots looking over the glass, you can see the plays developing, the older brother said.

Across the arena, Bob Young and son Michael, 8, of Westford, were looking for a section that offered, in the youngers words, action. Michael said he plays in the Nashoba Youth Hockey league and was looking forward to taking in some games. So was the elder Young.

This is a great opportunity for people to bring their kids and enjoy a night out for a reasonable price, he said.