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Site News

This site was created in July of 1998 as an unofficial homepage for the Lowell Lock Monsters hockey club. There were no other pages dedicated to the team at the time and the goals of the site are to provide as much information about the team and the American Hockey League as I can.

August 3, 1998:
The official Lock Monsters schedule is placed on- line. Various other changes are made including a message board and mailing list. Also a breaking news section was added to the main page.
August 8, 1998:
Re-designed the Links page and added a separate American Hockey League page, added links to all official team pages as well as pages from the League website and a number of fan and booster club pages.
Added pictures to the press conference recap of the Roanoke Express press conference to announce the affiliation with the Lock Monsters.
August 20, 1998:
Fixed minor inconsistencies in the Official American Hockey League schedule with the Lock Monsters Schedule.
Created page dedicated to the team's rink, the Paul Tsongas Arena.
August 27, 1998:
Created a trivia contest. Please check out the questions and join in the contest.
August 29, 1998:
Created a webring dedicated to websites dedicated to the Eastern Conference of the AHL
August 30, 1998:
Re-designed the Links page
September 3, 1998:
Finally found a link for the on-line addition of the Lowell Sun. The local Lowell newspaper. Added many missing articles.
Setember 12, 1998
Added the pre-season roster.
Added links for Kentucky and Albany fan sites and created an AHL Messageboard in association with my friend Kirsten, maintainer of the Duck Pond.
September 19, 2998:
Added a Chatroom, update the roster, created an FAQ page, added link for a Portland fan site, updated logo for AHL East webring. Created seperate menu pages for Internet Explorer and Netscape users. All other content is the same.
September 23, 1998:
Added links for two Providence Bruins Pages. Added articles to the News page.
September 27, 1998:
Added link for Tblades Hockey. Added game recaps and multiple news items. Added a picture page.
September 28, 1998:
Added link for the Adirondack Red Wings booster club. Added news article archive.
October 9, 1998
Mulitple updates occured. News items from October 1 onward were added after a hardware issue prevented me from updating the site. The front page for Netsape users was overhauled and the IE page will be done shortly. Multiple AHL information sources were added. The stats page now has content as does the recaps page.
October 10, 1998
Changed the URL for Amie's Springfield Falcons Page. Added the game previews page. Added a new chatroom interface.
October 11, 1998
Added game recaps for all games played this season. Updated news section and added information to Statistics pages.
October 13, 1998
Added a new messageboard interface. Added scoresheets to the game recaps to replace the box scores. It allows for an easier to read interface and is more detailed in places than the orignal boxscore.
October 30, 1998
Added new categories to the Statistics page. Various little errors were corrected.








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