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Archive 1 October 1996 to August 1998
Archive 2 September 1998
Archive 3 October 1998

Cousineau, Monsters Stone Portland (11/1/98)

Lock Monsters Rookie Beats Beast (11/3/98)

Bears shutdown Lock Monsters (11/5/98)

Cousineau returns to "The Rock" (11/6/98)- St. John's Evening Telegram

Lock Monsters Blow Away Leafs (11/7/98)

Lock Monsters Defeat Leafs for 2nd Straight (11/8/98)

Jeff Libby Blinded in On-Ice Accident  (11/8/98)

Lock Monsters defeat Portland in emotional win (11/9/98)

Lock Monsters face formidible foe (11/11/98)- Lowell Sun

Lock Monsters douse Flames (11/12/98)

Monsters Notebook (11/12/98)- Nashua Telegraph