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Lock Monsters Blow Away Leafs
by Alex Pufhal

The Lowell Lock Monsters came away a dejected, disappointed team after a loss to the Hershey Bears at home. Friday night they took out their frustrations on the the St. John's Maple Leafs, blowing them out of
Memorial Stadium in a big way, 7-1.

The game marked the return of Marcel Cousineau and Mike Kennedy to the Rock, and they sent the hometown fans home early with big nights. Cousineau had another huge night in a season of huge nights so far.  He made 39 saves while picking up his 8th win against 2 losses this year. Kennedy had 3 assists on the night.

Dimitri Nabakov had a goal and 2 assists. Dane Jackson had a 3pt night as well, (2-1-3) Vladimir Chebarturkin had his first professional goal at 17:45 of the first on the power play from Evegeny Namestikov and Mike Kennedy.

Warren Luhing and Sean Haggerty added their fifth goals of the season and Ryan Huska his 2nd in 3 games. Lonny Bohonos had the lone Leafs goal.

Frankie Larivee stopped 19 of 23 shots for the Leafs before being replaced with Marc Robitaille. Robitaille stopped 13 of 16.

The two teams meet again Saturday night. The Leafs will be looking to come out and play a lot better than they did tonight. The St. John's radio people where quite hard on the team and said that they looked very flat for a team that had two weeks off.

Stars of the game according to St. John's media:
1. Cousineau
2. Jackson
3. Nabokov


DATE: 10/6/98
OFFICIALS: Kowal, Murphy, Vail ATT.: 3,135
1 5:28 Lowell Dane Jackson (4) Dimitri Nabakov Mike Kennedy
1 17:45 Lowell Vladimir Chebaturkin (1)-Power Play Evegeny Namestikov Mike Kennedy
2 1:23 Lowell Dimitri Nabakov (5) Dane Jackson  
2 13:11 Lowell Warren Luhning (5) Vladimir Orszagh  
3 2:14 Lowell Sean Haggerty (5)-Power Play Ryan Huska  
3 2:51 St. John's Lonny Bohonos Greg Smyth  
3 3:12 Lowell Ryan Huska (2) Vladimir Orszagh  
3 12:52 Lowell Dane Jackson (5)-Power Play Mike Kennedy Dimitri Nabakov

GOALS 1 2 3 O T
0 0 1 0 1
2 2 3 0 7
Marcel Cousineau LOW 60 40 39 8-2-1
Francis Larivee STJ 33 23 19 1-1-1
Marc Robitaille STJ 27 16 13  
SHOTS 1 2 3 O T
14 15 11 0 40
16 10 13 0 39

1 1:51 Lowell Dean Malkoc Holding
1 6:14 St. John's Aaron Brand Hooking
1 8:07 Lowell Ray Giroux Holding
1 16:34 St. John's DJ Smith Interference
1 19:20 St. John's Francis Larivee(Served by Ladislav Kohn) Interference
2 2:01 St. John's Mark Deyell Tripping
2 6:08 Lowell Sean Haggerty Interference
2 17:39 Lowell Zdeno Chara Fighting
2 17:39 St. John's Todd Gillingham Fighting
2 17:59 Lowell Mike Kennedy Tripping
3 0:35 St. John's Kevyn Adams Tripping
3 7:08 Lowell Mike Kennedy Tripping
3 12:33 St. John's Dennis Maxwell Roughing

Three Stars of the Game (Selected by Alex)

1. Marcel Couisneau Lowell
2. Mike Kennedy Lowell
3. Dane Jackson Lowell