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There are two messageboards on this site. The Lock Monsters board is specifically for questions relating to the Lowell Lock Monsters hockey club, players, management, etc. The AHL site is for AHL discussions.

Both boards are moderated by me. Any offensive posts or anything else in my judgement or in the case of the AHL board, my friend Kirsten who is also a moderator shall be removed.

Posts that are in bad taste, use offensive language or language that is inappropriate for children will not be tolerated. Also posts that fail to follow proper "netiquette" shall be candidates for removal.

If you are going to post to either board, you please provide a valid e-mail address. If you do not fill in the address part, a name is required. Depending on content a message without an address will be a candidate for removal as well.

Lowell Lock Monsters Messageboard For all messages regarding the Lock Monsters. Questions regarding this site will be ignored and should be asked via e-mail.
American Hockey League Messageboard For discussion of the American Hockey League- Basically anything not related to the Lock Monsters.